Carmela’s Project, created in February 2012, is composed of Carmela Marie, a Franco-Spanish singer and her three musicians. The members are: Philippe Cauchi-Pomponi, pianist and composer; Lionel Martinez, drums; and Jean-Philippe Jalby, bass player and guitarist. Together, they offer a repertoire of Spanish Jazz in a very simple, intimate and sensual style.
The Carmela’s Project offers you a trip through the universe of the most famous Afro and Latino –American authors/composers. Enjoy:”Besame Mucho”, “Quizàs, Quizàs, Quizàs”, “Veinte Anos”, or “Caravan”, through Carmela’s warm and powerful voice.

Rendezvous Friday 23th September at 8pm !
Limited Spaces – Book now ! tel. 04 68 20 65 87 or
45€ per person, dinner and drinks included