The incredibly talented singer Hale May has a voice that, without a microphone and probably the first note, will make your hair stand on end! Hale is from Texas where she grew up immersed in Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Old Time Jazz and Gospel in the church where she sang regularly. After traveling and staying in London, Paris and Seattle, she now lives in Los Angeles.
Musical partner guitarist/composer Antoine Salem is Swiss born and Los Angeles based. He has written and recorded music professionally since the age of 17, and has toured internationally and worked in collaboration with artists across the globe including Loueke (Herbie Hancock), Doug Gibbs (Earth Wind & Fire), Cora Coleman Dunham (Prince/Beyoncé) whilst opening for such greats as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ben Harper, Roy Ayers, BB King and many more.
As a composer, he has had his music and songs featured on several independent films and numerous TV shows. Aside from developing his music library and several personal side projects, he currently writes for and performs/tours (in the US and EU) with Shoestring Trio.

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